Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Soren Day 4

10am 139g fed to 170g

Soren is doing really good today. He was jumping 3 to 4 feet to the fist from the ground. Fed him up today from 139 g to 170 g. Today I noticed a little bit of an issue with scale damage on his legs from his jesses so I cut the jesses off and put some removable jesses on after I cleaned them up and put Neosporin on it. Soren's hood is on the way and hopefully it shows up in this next day or so.he does a little bit of bating and that's gonna be the reason why his legs are hurt so I'm going to feed him good and just trying keep him as calm as possible until I can get the hood here and on his head.

He is however turning out really nice and calm. For the most part he is allowing me to pick him up and is regaining the perch on his own now so that's good.

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