Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soren Day 3

830am 141g
1030am 141g fed to 165g

This morning Soren is acting alot better from the get go. He stepped up to the fist from the perch and gave me no fight to do so. Looks like the weight loss is making him think a little. He rode the fist great as I walked through the house doing minor chores with only a couple bates. He still hasn't learned to go back to the block perch after a bare but I am sure he will get that started soon enough.

At feeding time Soren jumped 2 feet to the fist. Perched at the ground jumping up to the fist as I sat on my chair. 10 jump ups followed by a tiring of a quail leg. His attitude is much better. He is also stepping up to the fist for no food now.

Soren is finally getting used to the activity of the family while he is perched at the dining room table too. A few bates here and there and has once now regained the perch instead of sitting on the floor of the perch waiting for me to put him back to the perch.

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