Monday, October 25, 2010

Too Windy!

This video was just after Sonya grabbed a jack and lost it, followed by an instant retry where she got it again almost instantly. The winds where howling at 30mph+ and the rabbit ran with the wind. Big mistake. Anyhow I got to her in time and just as I was reaching to grab the jack the rabbit freaked and jumped, taking my Sonya with it a good 20 feet away. I ran with the wind at my back and got some good speed myself and ended up having to jump over the jack and my bird to keep from running them both over. I instantly turned around and went to reach for the rabbit and Sonya let go. I dont know if she thought that I was there to help and she didnt have to hold on so tight or if the rabbit just broke loose with its own awesome power. I do know this, when I called Sonya up to me she had a piece of flesh with a bunch of fur on it. Just enough to make a keychain if one was so inclined. LOL We tried hard but the wind never let up. Today was also the first day that I used telemetry with her. I thought that if I was to take her out on such a hellish day of wind that we better have the beeper on. She stuck with me though and only once, like in this video did she have trouble getting back to me. I could tell that she was upset about it as she was vocal, being able to see the food on the fist but the winds where just too strong in this particular area. It was like a wind tunnel and I HAD to go get her. It was CRAZY!

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