Sunday, October 31, 2010

CHC Alamosa Meet 2010

The meet in Alamosa was great this year. It was a great turn out with more than a dozen birds. We got to fly Redtail Hawk, Gos Hawk, Harris Hawk, Perigrine Falcons and a Peregrine Gyr Falcon Hybrid. This was the first time I also got to see a falcon in real action take a duck the way it is suposed to be. The Guest speaker was Ed Picture and his talk was real informative as he was Plugging his new book. I would have loved to get one but I couldnt afford the Benjiman he was asking for it. 3 Days of Hard Hawking and lots of sun made me sunburned and physically burned out. Thorns that I had to use Plyers to take out of my knees where not fun either. It was a great time and I cant wait for the next oppertunity to fly with these great falconers and aspiring falconers to be once again.

Photo of Roger and his Gos, Nova with a Cotton Tail Rabbit.

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