Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just an Update

So far the Moult is doing great. Sonya has dropped 8 tail feathers and Amelia has dropped 4. Lots of body feathers and wing flight feathers are in the mix as well. The girls have gone totally silent with exception to a few chirps and talkative moments but no screaming to speak of. Sonya's Talon is growing in well. Little by little I'm hoping that she will have at least a usable talon for the new season 4 months from now. Sonya has stayed tame as can be but Amelia has turned to a wild child and is easily spooked into a bating fit. I really wish she would stop that. Soon here we will be doing some free lofting to see how they do together. I'm hoping that food doesn't become an issue as I really don't want to have to tether them down for the moult.

So far so good.

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