Friday, November 5, 2010

872 Grams

Today was a high weight fly but we flew like Devils of the sky. The wind kicked in a bit after 4 pm and that made it hard out here in this part of the prairie. The area where the cottontails really becomes a wind tunnel and the jacks are hit and miss as far as who runs with the wind or against.

Sonya today though flew like a champ with TONS of strength and speed. It just seemed like that last final commitment was lacking or the wind really was effecting her. I watched as she stretched out to grab 2 different jacks only to hit the floor and back up again for another try. We dang near got this Jack that ran in circles as it had no Idea what to think of a Hawk and a Human chasing it within 10 feet. Seemed that I was a good goalie and kept that rabbit on its toes while Sonya tried to get within striking distance. But alas we came home empty handed. Thats ok though as we flew pretty hard and maybe she worked off some of that weight and we can try again tomorrow. If she seals the deal tomorrow with the same conditions but a little lower in weight, I think I may have found her hunting weight for the current time. You know your bird is just a little too high when she goes to dink around towards the end of the hunt as if we haven't been finding things to chase for the past 2 hours.

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